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訊息標題:The “OMO Virtual Store” Black Friday & 1212 shopping festival!

The “OMO Virtual Store” saved the VR glasses and made shopping easier for your Black Friday & 1212 shopping festival!


Indonesia and Malaysia industry make a special voucher and promotion activity on the virtual store and OMOASEAN website to celebrate the black Friday & 1212 shopping festival!!

How to join this 1212 shopping festival? Just follow the simple steps as below:

  1. Have a look around the virtual store; find and get the 1212 voucher by free.
  2. Buy any product (no limitation for the price!!!) in the MOODBOARD / JOY & PEACE / surya_jaya_houseware / Pt Palu Mitra Utama shop.
  3. Upload the related-information on the OMOASEAN website.
  4. You will get the all-in-one charging cable for free!!

The special free gift, all-in-one charging cable for 1212 shopping festival is made in Taiwan (MIT). It is designed for the iOS and Android system. This all-in-one charging cable also can be the cell phone cable and key chain. It is super convenient for your life no matter where you are!

Just to join as and have a great fun!

The SURYA JAYA HOUSEWARE virtual store in Indonesia/ photos from internet

OMO Virtual Store saved the VR glasses and provide the similarity physical store shopping to customers. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, customers have switched heavily to online purchases. This trend promotes the physical store’s owners to bring their shop’s online even more construct the OMO virtual store by merging online and offline shopping to delight customers.

The Pt Palu Mitra Utama virtual store in Indonesia/ photos from internet

The Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C. entrust the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) to push the virtual store of smart digital service plan abroad. This plan’s principal purpose is to assist the virtual store in constructing and OMO (online merge offline) marketing strategy for industry overseas. To build up the 3D panoramic of brick-and-mortar stores which provides customers with immersive experience about online shopping. Also, the 3D technique can combine real-time customer services, interactive products, and digital coupons to elevate the customer’s interactive experience. It is a new shopping channel between brick-and-mortar stores and online shops.

The MOODBOARD virtual store in Sky Avenue/ photos from internet

Without the VR glasses, you still can shop online easier!

For example, in Indonesia and Malaysia, ITRI assist the Indonesia department store-SURYA JAYA HOUSEWARE and supermarket Pt Palu Mitra Utama created by the Ethnic Chinese in Indonesia, JOY & PEACE in the Malaysia Gardens Mall and MOODBOARD in Malaysia Sky Avenue in taking panoramic photos of their shop and also launching on the online platform. The companies can set up the virtual store in the 3D version by replacing the VR glasses with providing the information and the purchase link of their products. The smart digital service plan also offers a unique domain and customer activity report. The function includes BOPIS (Buy Online and Pickup In-Store), coupons, virtual shelves, online customer services, and online shopping cars in virtual stores that will be served in the future.

The JOY & PEACE virtual store in Gardens Mall/ photos from internet

Additionally, the Indonesia and Malaysia industry will set up the OMOASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) website together. This website will help the industry in Taiwan and OMOASEAN to promote their product in worldwide by using the ITRI virtual store technique.

The virtual store of smart digital service plan belongs to the intellectual circulation services promotion plan by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C. ITRI will provide the photographing and platform for free to industry overseas on December 31, 2022. The industry overseas only has to prepare the shop scene and information about the products such as words, photos, or videos, which can combine social media or digital coupons for marketing. If the industry overseas can pay and still use this smart digital service after December 31, 2022, by subscription.

ITRI enlarge business performance of the online store by cooperating with the industry to set up a virtual mall. Welcome the companies in Indonesia and Malaysia to join us! To take more information, you can enter the link as below,

Source from: https://www.sblpo.org.tw/CMS/NewsCenter/Article/102

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